Connor Wheeler of the Dublin Flying Ducks

août 31, 2017 Off By Michael Bujold

 이미지: 사람 1명 이상, 사람들이 서 있음, 농구장Warning- Flying Duck in the house!
Somang Hockey is very proud to host Connor Wheeler of the Dublin Flying Ducks during the first week of our international camp.
Connor is the first of what we hope will be many Irish players joining our camp and program in the years to come.
Like all of the Ducks we have had the pleasure of meeting Connor is a hard working player with an A + attitude that will take him far in life. 
He proudly stated that he had practiced more in one day than in a month in Ireland. One can only imagine how much he and his Duck teammates would progress if they had regular access to ice time! Here’s hoping that the Ducks and other Irish players get their rink soon! Keep up the hard work Connor!!!