Dubuque Fighting Saints Main Camp

juin 19, 2018 Off By Michael Bujold

Daisuke is at the Dubuque Fighting Saints 2018 Main Camp. Daisuke safely arrived in the hotel after a long ride from Chicago to Dubuque. He took a good rest and is at the seminar now..He will start his first game in three hours.

He looked a little nervous at first but he was playing well when the game started.
We could see that his confidence level went up when he came out after the game.
Somang is happy to see him saying , “it’s doable.”..
Players became further serious and competitive as they played more games.. Probably the knew what was going on at the off-ice spaces.
Our man Daisuke showed his good games even under a lot of pressure and stressful situation. Somang is proud of you!
There were many scouts who were from higher level of hockey leagues such as university teams (NCAA) to check out these players. Saw that many of 1999s and 2000s were approached by these scouts, attracting good players for their team(s). Guess this is one of the stages to be seen. There are currently eight NHL players who had trained, played games for and developed their professional careers at Dubuque Fighting Saints.
All in all, it was a great experience!!!
Hopefully Somang can send its players to this kind of stages so that they have opportunities to pursue their big dreams…