Educational Program

Inaugurated in 2022, the Somang Learning Center provides our players with the opportunity to pursue their own studies online at the rink in a supervised environment. Players bring their own schooling (online) to study after the morning practices at the upstairs of the ice rink. Somang greatly emphasizes the academic progression of our student-athlete so they can combine their hockey careers with opportunities to advance to higher education outlets such as college and university.

Hockey, just like any other sport, should be seen as a tool with which to foster’s one education. Simply put, sport and education should go hand in hand. We here at Somang believe this to be an undisputable truth. This is why we work with our educational partners to create the best possible outcomes for our players and their families.

Various educational programs are available in conjunction with select High Schools and Universities, as well as optional preparatory courses such as for the ACT, SAT and Toeic/Toefi. ESL courses are also available for those whom English is a second language.

Situated in Laval, about 20 minutes from our rink in Terrebonne, Quebec, North Star Academy Laval (NSAL) is a small private school offering grades 7-12 programs.

A small convivial school with about 150 students, NSAL provides our players with the level of dedication and professionalism that we here at Somang expect of all our partners. Keenly aware of the specific conditions faced by elite athletes, NSAL offers the flexibility and open- mindedness needed to help them achieve their academic goals in preparation for the next level.

Somang is especially proud of its cooperation with McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies. McGill is a perennial top global university that has produced 12 Nobel Laureates and 139 Rhodes Scholars as well as countless other notable individuals from all walks of life.

The McGill SCS-Somang program is a 1-semester leadership designed to allow our players 18 and over further develop the soft skills they will require not only in sports world, but throughout their careers. While credit course of itself, nevertheless expected help open doors universities both Canada US for players.